Oahu: Luau, Graffiti Festival & Sailing Around Waikiki

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-by Edyta-

Last stop on our world tour: the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Although we weren't able to find proper jobs during our two month stay, we feel fortunate to have gotten to live in paradise for such a long time. As we started counting down our days on Oahu, we decided to cross few things off of our touristy list including checking out a local graffiti festival, sailing around Waikiki and going to a luau. 

Following one of our yoga sessions, we walked over to nearby Kaka'ako neighborhood to check out some graffiti done for the annual Pow Wow Hawaii festivalMany murals show Hawaiian themed elements. Pow Wow Graffiti festival Pow Wow Graffiti festival

Each year, artists from around the world (including New Zealand, Germany, Taiwan & more) come to Hawaii to create colorful murals and graffitis. PowWow graffitis and murals are a great spot for cool photos. On a side note, I miss my tan. PowWow graffiti festival in Honolulu PowWow graffiti festival in Honolulu Many murals were Hawaii themed. I especially liked the large hibiscus flowers.  PowWow is an annual graffiti festival in Oahu, Hawaii. PowWow Hawaii 2015PowWow Hawaii 2015 The art gave this slightly industrial neighborhood a breath of fresh air. 


I've been wanting to go sailing in Waikiki for a while now, so when I found an online deal for $30 (for the both of us) for an hour-long sail, I jumped on it.    The afternoon sail was pretty relaxing.

We got to see the Waikiki skyline from a never before seen view - the water. Compared to the views from Diamond Head or Tantalus Lookout at Pu'u Ualaka'a State Park, it is much less impressive here. Skyline of Waikiki from a catamaran sail. Skyline of Waikiki from a catamaran sail. Waikiki skyline behind me, dense with high-rise hotels and massive mountain ridges.  Aboard the catamaran, we were able to buy local beer such as this Bikini Blond Lager - delicious!  After we finished our sailing trip, we chilled on the beach. Another day well spent in paradise. 

Germain's Luau in Oahu was a pleasant surprise. Can you believe that this was our fourth time in Hawaii and only our first time to a luau? It was never high on our list of things to do but we are glad we got to experience it. Germain's Luau in Oahu Can you believe that this was our first time to a luau? We have been to Hawaii three times before but we never thought a luau would be our cup of tea. However, when Sheryll and James came to visit, we decided to give it a try together.  This was our fourth visit to Hawaii but only the first time to attend a Luau. We strayed away from it thinking it would be too cheesy or touristy but we were actually very pleasantly surprised that it was a lot of fun. Especially in the company of our friends. Germaine's Luau in Oahu Germaine's Luau in Oahu Luaus are one of the main tourist attractions in Hawaii. They are traditional Hawaiian feasts of kalua pig and - perhaps a little better known - live entertainment and dancing such as the hula. 

Sheryll and Vlad enjoying their drinks. The tiki glass on the right is a couple bucks extra - making for a great souvenir from this event.   Before the show started we were able to take pictures with the dancers dressed in traditional clothing representative of not only Hawaii but also New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji. The hosts announced that the kalua pig was ready.   It takes about six hours for the kalua pig to fully cook in an underground pit. The meat comes out extremely tasty and tender. Kalua pig at a luau. Kalua pig at a luau. The Kalua pig is the culinary highlight of the event. Cooked in an underground oven on top of hot stones and wrapped in banana leaves for six hours, it is later served to the spectators with sides of poi (Polynesian staple root vegetable), macaroni salad, and assorted vegetables. If you're a frequent reader of our blog, you may remember another pig roast that we've been to in New Zealand where a similar practice is called hangi

Wondering what to wear for a luau? Hawaii shirt of course! The brighter the better. Our luau outfits? Before we sat down to eat we took some photos on the beach. Vlad wore his best shirt for the occasion.  The boys brought their A-game to the luau with their Hawaiian shirts.    Few guests got to participate in a hula performance on the stage and presented their own version of this beautiful Hawaiian dance. Guest participating in a hula performance. Guest participating in a hula performance. The live entertainment part of the luau started with an audience participation segment. We were in stitches with the little boy's dance moves. He was almost twerking! Entertainment at Germaine's Luau awesome. There were lots of beautiful and handsome dancers who presented dances from Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. Beautiful dancer at Germaine's Luau. Beautiful dancer at Germaine's Luau.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the remaining performances which included dances, songs, and chants from Hawaii and other Pacific islands. Check out the movie below. 

The day was a success in our book! Next up - join us as we sightsee the lava covered Big Island of Hawaii.  



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