Kauai: Scenic Flight above Hawaii's Garden Isle

April 30, 2015  •  8 Comments

-by Edyta-

As you may remember from my previous post, our excursion to Waimea Canyon on the west side of Kauai was mostly unsuccessful. Weather played tricks on us and covered the entire canyon in a thick, grey fog. I knew that I could not leave Kauai yet again without seeing the canyon. So instead of taking a 4.5+ hour RT drive, Gabi and I opted to take a scenic flight over the canyon, as well as the rest of the island. 

Not to make a long story longer, here are some highlights from our flight:

Polish girl on a small plane Hello from the board of a 6 person plane from Air Ventures Hawaii. With a Yelp discount, this tour cost us $115pp for one hour in air. 

Pilot has the best views pilot has the best views pilot has the best views Our pilot.  Not a bad view from his office window, eh? Flying over the southern part of the island. The south of Kauai is sunnier and drier than the north.  Flying over the mountains in Kauai was an amazing experience. Look at those peaks.  flying over the mountains in Kauai Approaching the vast mountains. Kauai is geologically the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain and because of that the volcanic mountains had time to form into these huge ridges and valleys through the process of erosion. To learn more about the process click hereWe were in awe looking at these beautiful mountain peaks and ridges. Nature is so amazing. Breathtaking mountain peaks. At this points our jaws were on the floor (of the plane) and we did not manage to put them back in place until the end of the flight.  We tried but they kept dropping. Just like these gorgeous and steep cliffs which once in a while  I bet you would be surprised to know that Kauai has swamps. They are actually the tallest swamps in the world - right on those flat mountain tops! Swamps in Kauai Some mountain tops were weirdly flat. Our pilot informed us that the top is covered with the world's tallest swamps. Random, but makes sense - considering Kauai's substantial rainfall.    Mountain peaks upon mountain peaks. Mountain peaks. Mountain peaks upon mountain peaks. <3 <3 <3

We were super excited to finally see Waimea Canyon. It simply looked glorious. Flying above Waimea Canyon Red and orange color revealed that we were now flying above Waimea Canyon.  The most gorgeous views of Waimea Canyon. Flying above Waimea Canyon Waimea Canyon looked huge.  Canyon of the Pacific looks amazing What a pity we did not get to see the canyon from one of the lookout points.  Seeing Napali Coast from the plane Napali Coast as seen from the air Flying further north we were nearing Napali Coast (which we just hiked the day before).  Napali Coast as seen from the airplane. Amazing ridges and valleys of Kauai in Hawaii What a spectacular view!  Flying over ridges, peaks, and valleys of the Napali Coast was an amazing experience. Spectacular view of Napali Coast. I love those peaks, ridges, and valleys.  Celebrities love Kauai and many of them - including Julia Roberts & Pierce Brosnan - have houses on the north shore of the island. Flying over celebrity houses in Kauai. Flying over Hanalei where many celebrities such as Julia Roberts & Pierce Brosnan have homes. Princeville is an affluent community in the northern part of the island. It consists of beautiful houses and fancy golf courses. Talk about a location! Princeville is a picturesque community. Flying above Princeville, an ocean facing affluent residential area surrounded by golf courses and spectacular views of the mountains.

Airborne sightseeing is a lot of fun and we highly recommend it, especially when flying above such beautiful and inaccessible spots as there are in Kauai. Do you have any favorite flight memories from your travels? 




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