Big Island: Magic Sands & Black Pebble Beach - Farewell to Hawaii

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This is it you guys! The last post on the breathtaking Big Island. I know it's taken me a while to complete my posts, so thank you for being such a great audience over the last few months. Blogging takes up a significant chunk of our time, as we always try to provide some interesting background information and historical facts, balance it out with photos that help tell the story, and sprinkle in our own experiences and a bit of humor for a complete picture. I am thrilled when you tell me that our posts inspired you to take your next trip. A few of you have already told us that Hawaii is at the top of your list of places to visit! This makes me especially happy as I completely adore Hawaii - probably more than any other place in the world. Anyway, with that said - here is a look at the rest of our Big Island adventure. 

Magic Sands is one of the few white sand beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii. Magic Sands beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Hawaii's Big Island doesn't have that many white sand beaches and the ones that do exists are mainly north of Kailua-Kona. You can imagine how thrilled we were when we found this small white sand beach called Magic Sands, only a half hour drive from where we were staying. Beautiful white sand and blue water. Magic Sands in Hawai'i The white sand beach was split in half by a strip of black volcanic rock.  Big Waves at the Magic Beach in Hawai'i How gorgeous is this water? All of nature's best elements are captured on this beach.  Locals and some tourists playing in the big waves.  

Here I am posing with a lei, which I made myself. I later gave it to a young girl who arrived at the beach. Doing my part in sharing the aloha spirit :) 

View from Coffee Shack Restaurant on the Big Island On our last day on the island we decided to go for a breakfast at a restaurant called Coffee Shack which had this gorgeous view.  Coffee Shop provides for nice views of Kealakekua Bay. View from the Coffee Shop on the Kailua-Kona side of the Big Island. It overlooked Kealakekua Bay. Black pebble beach was one of the most amazing sights we've seen on this trip. Hawaii never seizes to amaze. Black Pebble Beach on the Big Island. At breakfast we asked our waitress for some beach suggestions nearby as our guidebook did not show any beaches within less than a 45 min drive. We knew there had to be some as we saw the coast from the restaurant. Good thing we asked as the beach she recommended was nothing like we've seen before.  Black pebbles instead of sand. Black Pebble Beach. Black pebble beach! That's something totally different! Isn't it crazy that the Big Island offers such wide array of beaches? White sand, salt and pepper sand, volcanic black sand, green sand and even black pebble.  Big Island is full of amazing beaches. Black volcanic pebble beach. Snorkeling here was really cool. There was not a lot of marine life but we enjoyed the sound that the rolling stones made when tumbled by the waves. This black pebble beach was a great find. It pays to talk to locals. Some attractions are just not listed in guide books. I am very happy we found this spot and ended our trip here. Relaxing on a black pebble beach near Kailua Kona.Relaxing on a black pebble beach near Kailua Kona. We shared this beach with a handful of locals. I'd like to think we blended in pretty well with our deep tans and aloha hats ;-) 

Drinking some local Coconut Porter beer from Maui Brewing Company on a black pebble beach on the Big Island, Hawaii. Maui Brewing Company Coconut Porter on the black pebble beach.

Not to mention with a local beer in hand. For sure we looked local, right?  Plumeria flowers on a branch. And my favorite plumeria flowers. 

A hui hou!Sunset on Hawaii's black pebble beach This was the beach at the end of the day. Three other people. Could we have asked for a better way of ending our stay on the Big Island? Probably not. 

Hawaii we will miss you! A hui hou! 

And you dear readers, stay tuned for more posts! We may be done with our grand tour but we are not done exploring. :-) 



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