Brisbane: Good bye Australia

November 07, 2014  •  5 Comments

*Post written by Vlad*

Our last stop in Australia was the Queensland capital of Brisbane and we stayed there only for two nights. After checking into our apartment/luxury hotel (more on this later) in the west end, we ventured down Boundary St. to check out the city, grab some lunch and a post drive beer. This hip area of Brisbane had a nice mix of bars, shops, and of course cafés. 

Needing a bit of rest and time to plan for our pending trip to NZ, we returned to our apartment. With our host Jayne working and out playing netball, we basically had our own brand new two balcony apartment. Yes two balconies, with the main one providing perhaps the best of view of central Brisbane. We made this our office for the time of planning. 

The next day we decided to check out Brisbane's CBD (central business district) just a 25 minute walk away. It was quaint and compact downtown with a bustle of activity on Queen St. We strolled through the nearby botanical garden before crossing the footbridge to head back home. 

While it was a quick stay, it was an enjoyable one to a pretty nice city. Let's hope it stays this way during the G20 Summit in mid November. 

After one month in Australia, we were lucky enough to meet great people, tour a variety of cities and towns, and experience some of nature's greatest beauties. Thank you Australia, it was an absolute pleasure! 

Goodbye wallabies, time to visit your kiwi neighbours.

Our bedroom with a door to one of the balconies.  Living room.  Our airbnb in Brisbane had a spectacular viewOur airbnb in Brisbane Our office with a pretty neat view. Notice the pretty purple jacaranda trees which beautifully decorated the city.   Edyta found them really pretty.  Brisbane skyline at night looked very impressive. Brisbane skyline This was our view at night. Brisbane looked really beautiful.  This street name had us chuckling. Colorful Brisbane sign for the G20 Cultural Celebration was being installed when we visited this beautiful city. Brisbane sign for the G20 Cultural Celebration Brisbane sign for the G20 Cultural Celebration This colorful sign for the G20 Cultural Celebration was being installed as we walked over the bridge to the CBD.  Brisbane city center.

Visitors center and some funky artwork. 


Lady Astin(non-registered)
Booty Street is next to tots exists lol
Also, I love the Brisbane at night shot - beatiful. I like that ferris wheel :)
OHHH!! That infamous picture. Haha, nice - so it took a koala to crack a smile on that man's face.
@Gabu Really? how did I miss those streets in Queens???

BTW, Brisbane is where koala made Putin smile!
WhyNot Street = awesome. Although we have some pretty silly street names in NYC as well - "Extra Place" and "Booty Street" in Queens, lol
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