Oahu: Spitting Caves, Waimanalo & Lanikai Beach

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-by Edyta-

On Saturday February 7th, 2015 as we were saying good-bye to Vlad's parents we were greeting my sister Gabi. The flight times worked out so well that the five of us had time to catch up and enjoy some tea together at a Starbucks, before parting ways. We were super happy to see and spend time with yet another family member.

It was Gabi's second time in Hawaii and she was excited to get away from the frigid NYC temperatures. For her 10 day visit we planned to divide the time between the islands of Oahu and Kauai. Naturally, we devoted the first day to catching up and chilling locally in the Waikiki area. The next few days were spent exploring the island of Oahu, starting with a drive around the south-east part of the island (as you'll see below). 

On a separate occasion, towards the end of our stay in Oahu, Vlad's friend Jimmy & his wife Sheryll visited Hawaii from Toronto and we gave them a similar tour of the island. Some might say we are honorary locals by now :P (wishful thinking). 

Here are some photos of the day we visited the steep cliffs of Spitting Cave, beautiful and favored for wedding photoshoots Waimanalo beach as well as our favorite Oahu beach Lanikai

The first destination on our agenda was Spitting Cave, a hidden gem our friend Anita brought us to few years ago. The Spitting Cave area is located in a residential neighborhood and there is a tiny path between fences that leads to this scenic spot. It can be somewhat difficult to find.  Spitting Cave in OahuSpitting Cave in OahuSpitting Cave in Oahu However, once you find it, you are greeted by a large rocky cliff area where waves continuously pound against the shore. Not only is it a sight for your eyes, but it's also an incredible sound. Magnificent.  It looks something like this. As you can see there are some houses built on this cliff; how lucky are these people to have such amazing views.   The strong waves reach up high and it becomes quite loud when you stand close by.  Spitting Cave is named for the way large waves crash into the cave and are forcefully spat out back into the ocean. When we visited this spot with Jimmy & Sheryll we saw people jumping off the 60 feet cliffs and a small crew filming them. Thankfully the waters were pretty quiet that day. Unfortunately, people's drive for adrenaline sometimes ends in death as the currents there can be very strong and unpredictable.  Someone's happy to be in Hawaii :-)  Vlad enjoyed taking photos with the extra camera Gabi brought.  Turns out he spotted a turtle bobbing up and down in the waves.  It was relaxing to sit down and stare out into the ocean.  Sisters reunited :-).  Relaxing while enjoying the view.  Vlad also found some zen on his own rock.  Gabi excited to see the wave crash in front of her.  Happy to be reunited.  Second time around we came here with Jimmy & Sheryll.  They were really happy to break up the cold Canadian winter and visit Hawaii.  While looking for the entrance to Spitting Caves we stumbled upon the house of Dog the Bounty Hunter Randoooommm, I know, but he actually lives on Oahu.  Driving along Kalanianaole Highway we stopped by Makapu'u  Point Lookout. It was extremely windy there. We felt the wind push our bodies forward, against the guradrails. Plumeria near Makapuu LookoutPlumeria near Makapuu Lookout One of the 1,000+ photos I took of various plumeria flowers ;-) They are just so beautiful! 

Waimanalo Beach was a quick stop we made with Jimmy & Sheryll.  We enjoyed some lunch on the beach.  Aloha from Waimanalo BeachAloha from Waimanalo Beach This 3 mile long beach is gorgeous but because of jelly fish not many people swim there.  Waimanalo BeachGirl on Waimanalo Beach However, walking on this beach did not suck. ;-)  Final stop on both occasions was Lanikai Beach, one of the most picturesque and tranquil beaches we have ever been to. It was actually voted America's #1 beach by several publications few years in a row.  Lanikai beach in OahuLanikai beach in OahuLanikai beach in Oahu The two islands in the background are called Moku Nui and Moku Iki.    Hot polish girl on Lanikai Beach Hot polish girl on Lanikai Beach Hot polish girl on Lanikai Beach Despite its high rank it's usually quite a desolate and quiet beach, especially on weekdays.   

Gabi brought our brother's GoPro but most photos came out crappy because there was a water droplet on the case covering the lens.  Peace to the world! 

So what do you think of Oahu so far? Are you ready to book your flight to Hawaii yet? 



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